Just a Status Update

Well, we now have five baby snails in the bowl, and we saw at least one sub-millimeter, possibly snail-shaped thing crawling on the glass. Daughter checks the main tank twice daily (when she should be heading out for school and when she should be going to bed. Not before breakfast, when she has plenty of time to regain any lost time, and not after school. She has a schedule (and diary) on the whiteboard to remind her when to clean the bowl. Today she said she needs to do it four times a week, because at three times they go too long between cleanings. She also hopes this will prove she’s ready to look after a pet (meaning small mammal in cage). Hmmmm, she only tried cleaning the big tank once, and I’m not keen on small mammals, although her friends all have them.

I’m finally back in the swing of things after four weeks. Never read 14 books in 14 days, then start a new job (even if they only needed me one day) and have surgery. Still very behind in some things, but I tried something that usually doesn’t work for me: “little-and-often”. I’m doing the bathrooms that way. Every time I go, I spend an extra two minutes cleaning. That’s a sink, or counter-top, or toilet back, or toilet gross bits (which get cleaned often enough that they aren’t gross). Normally, little-and-often feels too much like multi-tasking to me. Tons of set-up and take-down, but not much doing. In this case, though, set-up means grabbing a cleaning cloth from the towel bar, and take-down means rinsing it and re-hanging. It seems to work so far. After three small sessions, all that was left was the floor, so grabbed the broom, then a wet cloth, and done. Next time I caught myself dusting the window ledge. Last time I tried it, though, it only worked for a day. After that, there was nothing left to clean and the habit dropped. I need to use the main bathroom more often during the day.

It’s not the way “little-and-often” is usually used in the forum. There, it usually means you pick a project from a list (or the system picks it), and you have to do something on it — even just a tiny bit. Maybe that’s the difference. This is doing it based on location-based trigger. It makes sense.

Tomorrow and Friday I’ll try cleaning every room just a bit before leaving it. Rooms that I go into often will get more attention — and they’re the ones that need it. All my errands are done, so tomorrow is housework and paperwork. I don’t have to be anywhere, so no excuses from the schedule. It seems like a good day to try try it. I’d love for it to become a permanent habit. Maybe for my next 30-day sprint.

I finished two crochet flowers in time for Monday’s Show and Share. I plan to have at least three, and suggest doing them in a class. Perhaps I should show two this month and one next month, to raise interest. Pictures in a bit. I should also check Ravelry for crochet flower patterns. Maybe I’ll be able to offer an entire bouquet.

Edit: Ravelry has over 1000 free crochet flowers. At least 1/4 are variations on the same general pattern, so they’ll fit well in the same class. Happy.


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