Grab My Books — Ebook from WebSite, Not Just WebPage

Not 100% what I was hoping for, but pretty good, especially for the price.

There are several (too many) blogs that I want to read from the start. Currently, I have the index bookmarked on my PlayBook. When I want to read something, I open that bookmark, scan upwards until I see the next entry I haven’t read, and open it. And wait while it opens. Then go back to the index and repeat. Some blogs have “next” tabs, which makes it easier, but many don’t.

Grab My Book is a FireFox addon. It’s a bit clunky, but works.

Open the index and one a typical page. Open the rules editor to make sure it interprets that blog correctly. Move the mouse around until the right parts have the box. Click OK (or something like that) and save the rule.

Then, and this is the painful part, open every tab. Middle-click on each one, in order. (I was hoping to avoid this step, but no luck.)

Grab Tabs.

My Book.

Grab My Book.


I was hoping for something like a Plucker Distiller, but all the websites for that were from 2006 or older. I liked Plucker. I could tell it how deep to follow the links, give it a few rules, and a few minutes later I had an ebook on my Palm.

I tried Download Them All [1] and then Calibre to convert to ebook, but unfortunately the links don’t interconnect. It’s theoretically easy enough to create a simple html index page that links to them all, that I could send Calibre, but in reality there’s a lot of typing.

[1] Download Them All is aFirefox addon that lists all the links from a page, with nice sorting and filtering, then downloads the ones you check).

Now off to read my new books!


4 thoughts on “Grab My Books — Ebook from WebSite, Not Just WebPage

  1. Sounds really useful!

    I also like Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) for gathering links to pages that I would like to… read later. It also saves them for offline reading if I want to. I just have to remember to make time for actually working on that reading list 🙂

  2. I tried Pocket a few times and found it chopped just enough off the right side to be frustrating. Does it follow links at all, or do you have to open and click on each link in the index?

    1. I use Pocket nearly only as a bookmarking tool, so when opening remembered pages, my browser loads the original URL and that displays as it should, of course. I confess I haven’t used the offline cache (nor have I used it with mobile devices). If it chops off things, that would be annoying, of course.

      It doesn’t follow links, but it has a “click to save” mode (activated by Alt+M by default) — if you activate that, you can click on each link in an index and the click won’t open the page in your browser but will add the page to your “read it later” list instead, until you turn that mode off.

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