Open Letter to About Endorsements

You really want me to endorse her for WordPress? The woman, while wonderful and capable, readily admits she knows only the very basics about checking email and getting lost on the web, and isn’t at all interested in running a site of any kind.

I understand when you want me to endorse a fellow storyteller for his daytime skills. I don’t do it, because I don’t know a thing about him at work. It’s almost alright when you keep putting him first, using up one of the four slots which could be used by something I might actually endorse. But at least I understand it. He says he has that skill, and LinkedIn is kindly helping him prove it, which will increase the chances of him getting a job through LinkedIn.

But endorsing B for WordPress? That’s almost random. She would never in a million years ask to be endorsed for it. Maybe it’s there because she and I have endorsed each other for many things, and, since someone endorsed me for WordPress, I’m a good judge of who else should get that endorsement.

Well, I am a decent judge of it. And you suggesting that anyone should endorse B for a skill she has absolutely no interest in is garbage.

You know what? It used to be interesting to see what my friends wanted endorsements in. It’s not fun any more. I may continue to endorse a bit, but not nearly as often as I used to.

One user, on the verge of being lost.


One thought on “Open Letter to About Endorsements

  1. My husband for Negotiating and SharePoint? Nope. He actively hates negotiating. And C, for blogging? I’m not aware that she has a blog, professional or not, but I could be wrong.

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