Penny Table Wisdom

Last year, I bought one book of 20 tickets for the penny table, and brought home five things, most of which, while I’d enjoy using them, I really don’t expect to get around to. Several people brought home none. This year, I had a plan. Next year, I’ll have a different plan.

This penny table is a series of draws. Each item has a cup, and you put as many tickets as you want into each cup. They then draw a ticket from the cup.

Each book of twenty tickets is only two dollars and it’s for a good cause, so not participating isn’t an option. The room is laid out to funnel you from the ticket table to the penny table, so simply pocketing the ticket book is also not an option. The items are decent enough, and many I would even pay full price for, if I honestly expected to use them.

This year, after winning three of the first ten items, I declined the fourth, fifth, sixth, and yes, seventh. (All the cross-stitch kits were together.) It’s a small enough group that they knew my number by then, so I couldn’t pretend the ticket owner had gone home early. Based on the reaction, though, it was a bad plan. Several people told me later that they often take home large hauls, and others take home none.

Next year’s plan is to put several tickets in just a few cups. Yes, it will over-whelm those few cups, but there’s no chance I’ll win more than those few cups.




2 thoughts on “Penny Table Wisdom

  1. I typically stuff one or two cups as these things, rather than spread it out. I figure if I actually want the item, I’ve got a better chance with multiple tickets, and if I don’t want a whole lot of stuff, I stand no chance of winning it. 😉

    1. Yep. The only challenge is deciding which two items to focus on. Then again, if there are several good choices, I don’t have to choose the very very best.

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