New Series starts in September

Several years ago I did a series of weekly virtues. Each week I picked the next on the list, thought about the coming week, and then next week reported on the results — much like Dr. Mel is doing with her “Year of Living Productively” series.

Why not start this week? Because I’ll be away from the internet much of August. No, I’m not telling you in advance which days you can rob the house.

Any suggestions for which series of virtues to start with? If no replies, I’ll start with Benjamin Franklin‘s. It made me laugh. Religious lists and lists from organizations are encouraged.

Virtues that are on multiple lists will be done for each list they appear on. If many groups agree it’s important, then it’s worth the extra attention. Also, their descriptions often differ, which gives new perspectives.

Company is welcome in the comments, on your own blog, or elsewhere. If you let me know, I’ll advertise and maybe join in.


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