Weekly Virtue: Review Frugality, Prepare for Industry

Last week was Frugality.

Frugality. Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.

About average. Went to the dollar store rather than Staples for low-use binders. (It helps that the stores are beside each other.) Actually returned a poor purchase. Two meals out, both reasonable, but one which might turn into a weekly treat for myself if I’m not careful. Happy with the grocery bills. We’re pretty-much within budget overall.

Next week is Industry.

Industry. Lose no time; be always employ’d in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.

I’ve changed the way I do large projects. Last season I put even many of my large projects into hibernation, and planned to spend two afternoons a week to do the few remaining. I wasn’t doing them. This week I picked one and started working on it to the exclusion of just about everything else. I’m more excited about the possibility of finishing it now that I’m working on it regularly. I had planned to work on it this afternoon as well, but errands and groceries ran late, and then I went online. Oops.

I’m also going to batch friends’ requests instead of doing them immediately, at least when I remember to. Yes, they will probably take the same total time, but at least my prime time will be spent on my own projects. Maybe the less-than-instant action will encourage them to experiment a bit more themselves.

I’ve also identified a few places where I go above and beyond. That’s going to stop. I’ll do what I can with what they give me, not look up the rest of the details. It’s a toss-up between breaking my heart seeing the result which isn’t as useful to them as it could be, and resenting the time spent doing what they could have done easier themselves.

I’m also asking my assistants (they’re volunteer jobs at three guilds) do more. That’s always a challenge for me, since at this stage in both of their training it’s easier for me to do it myself than forward instructions. However, they both took the job to learn, and they are learning, when I take the time to ask them.

Now I’m going to be industrious and clean the kitchen (wanted to get errands done before lunch, so didn’t do the breakfast dishes) before the kids get home, then work on the story I’m performing tonight. It’s my interpretation of a traditional story. Good in that I don’t have to learn the author’s words. Bad because, while I enjoy the brainstorming and testing to see what works, I need to work on cutting out the bits that don’t fit.


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