Clean House in a Year

Full Disclosure: I'm not using this method at the moment. I want to get the kids more involved, and specific requirements seems to work best. We're using the list Motivated Moms. To that, I add things that I want to get more attention (cook supper), and subtract things we don't need (replace hand towels every … Continue reading Clean House in a Year


But not always 10%

Maybe 10% isn't so great. I'm working through 3000¬†emails from 2008. Most can be deleted now. Maybe 1 in 20 is worth keeping. The first few sessions were encouraging. The thrill of a new project, and the ease with which I cleared out all the emails from a group that closed, and all those oh-so-valuable … Continue reading But not always 10%

The 10% Rule for Paper

In my last post, I described the 10% Rule for clearing an email backlog. For paper, the process is a bit different, mostly because it's harder to see what's there and to pull things from the middle, but also because there's more walking around when dealing with physical items. First, I divide it into 3-inch … Continue reading The 10% Rule for Paper

The 10% Rule — How to Bust a Backlog

I'm recovering from the 1st vacation of the summer (which was preceded by a two-week crunch on two important projects). As usual, there's a huge backlog of email, including all sorts of little things I thought of while away and emailed myself about. The 10% rule rocks for this type of backlog, where most tasks … Continue reading The 10% Rule — How to Bust a Backlog