Latest Planning and Logging Forms

I’ve been using this system, with minor changes every few weeks, for three months now.


Platform varies with form and mood. Pen and paper helps me focus, especially if I update the time log often. Going to the computer distracts me. Computers do math well, and give me instant rewards with conditional formatting. (Good numbers = dark green.)

Daily Journal. Formerly a list of questions and a cheap notebook. Pre-printed is new.

Week Plan. I’ve used something like this for years, sometimes in a lined notebook, sometimes printed. Every time I rebel, I come back to this method with a feeling of coming home.

Day List of Tasks and Time Log. I’m more productive when I use it. I’ve found procrastination logs useful in the past, but without a formal spot for one, I usually forget to use it. Mood is an experiment.

Month Plan. I started something like this three months ago, and the format is still changing. It reminds me to focus on fewer projects and keep moving on them. Assigning hours per week is new. Every week, I copy the times to the Sprint Time Log.  I’ll shoehorn the weekly review in somehow. (It’s a very quick review. Each project is On Track or Not, or possibly Unknown, and I might change the times. If it’s not on track, then finding out why and replanning is a separate task, not part of the weekly review.)

Recurring Tasks. The format for this varies a lot. Sometimes I use a calendar. Currently, it’s on a spreadsheet, with conditional formatting to show if something is late. Knowing the date last done helps if I want to reschedule. Every week, copy to Week form.

Sprint Time Log. Usually on a spreadsheet, which does math and conditional formatting to show if I’m on track or not. This is the simplest version. Some versions show daily totals and progress. (Sprints are 2 weeks, when I report to my ADD coach.)

Daily Summaries. Quick answers and trends. Sleep, weight, hours focus, daily scores. Usually on graph paper, with no easy way to see trends. Now on a spreadsheet with fancy conditional formatting for instant rewards. High numbers are darker green. The real one has many more lines. I prefer a 0-10 scale over a 0-3 scale, so I don’t agonize over big steps.

All this planning and copying of high-level plans to low-level combined plans and logs, and then daily results to high-level reports seems like a lot of work. It averages 30 minutes a day plus another 60 for weekly planning and a bit of reformatting. That’s a small price to pay for keeping me focused for several extra hours a day.


2 thoughts on “Latest Planning and Logging Forms

  1. Clarification:

    Under Gratitude, it says Have, Experience, Absorb. That’s three actions on each item, not one item for each action. It comes from Rick Hanson’s book Hardwiring Happiness.

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