Testing WordPress.com and Twitter

Twitter should say something about this post.


Making Work for Myself

Shortly after moving from LiveJournal to WordPress.com, I realized my online and offline identities were blending enough that I needed to review all my posts. There were a few where I complained about people who might, seeing it, recognize themselves. Or a friend would recognize them. Turns out there weren't nearly as many as I … Continue reading Making Work for Myself

I’m Now One Person

It's happened. My online and offline lives have merged. You see, I met some local people online, and we met. Then I met some local people offline and shared online identities. Then we have an upcoming interview, for a podcast where I comment under my online name. So, I've gone through my blog. Only a … Continue reading I’m Now One Person

I’m Here!

Yep, finally moved to WordPress.com. I was right to wait. The old process to transfer from LJ looked annoying. With the recent changes at LJ, WP must have gotten many requests for something easier, since they responded. The change today was easy! I've customized what I can. I'd love to change the css to match … Continue reading I’m Here!