Voice Exam Done!

In a few weeks I will get an email saying that I'm a good singer, for a pre-teen with three years of lessons. Not bad for a 43-year-old with three-and-a-half years. (The first 40 years were spent developing bad habits which had to be undone.) Yes, I'm glad I did it. It forced me to … Continue reading Voice Exam Done!


Thanks for the Interruption

Last week we opened the local (G-Guild) storytelling season with a guest teller: Adwoa Badoe. Need I say more? Need I say she was inspiring? Need I say she's gracious and intelligent and graceful and wonderful? She is, you know. She has a very active style of storytelling, and it involves the audience. As she … Continue reading Thanks for the Interruption

Good School

Spent Friday counting money for Jump Rope for Heart for kids's school. A fundraiser for Heart and Stroke. 500 kids made over $5000! On an less happy note, fewer than 1/4 of the kids returned the envelopes. Remember, folks, they don't have the time to check that each envelope (and contents) gets returned. Sad, but … Continue reading Good School