Voice Exam Done!

In a few weeks I will get an email saying that I'm a good singer, for a pre-teen with three years of lessons. Not bad for a 43-year-old with three-and-a-half years. (The first 40 years were spent developing bad habits which had to be undone.) Yes, I'm glad I did it. It forced me to … Continue reading Voice Exam Done!


Skew Socks

Long time in stash and printout. A fairly fast knit, except for redoing the heel several times. My own fault. I was modifying the pattern and didn't catch all the places it needed changing. Pattern is in Knitty. Changes as suggested by the designer. Increased ankle band and higher instep.

Thanks for the Interruption

Last week we opened the local (G-Guild) storytelling season with a guest teller: Adwoa Badoe. Need I say more? Need I say she was inspiring? Need I say she's gracious and intelligent and graceful and wonderful? She is, you know. She has a very active style of storytelling, and it involves the audience. As she … Continue reading Thanks for the Interruption

Good School

Spent Friday counting money for Jump Rope for Heart for kids's school. A fundraiser for Heart and Stroke. 500 kids made over $5000! On an less happy note, fewer than 1/4 of the kids returned the envelopes. Remember, folks, they don't have the time to check that each envelope (and contents) gets returned. Sad, but … Continue reading Good School