Shameless Familial Promotion — Treetop Circuits

I have created a website for my father's new business, His first product improves the SSB performance of Collins radios.


Still alive and doing well

Really nothing to report. We survived the snow day. Son earned $10 folding laundry and shoveling. (As he gets older, it will get added to his chores, but for now it's an extra.) Spent an hour with Dad going over the business site. Lots of little things to fix. I agree with most of them, … Continue reading Still alive and doing well

Business website is up!

Yep, it's finally up! MEM, storyteller extraordinaire and generally encouraging person, forwarded my draft advertisement to the entire group and suggested that I do up a brochure for the table. That sort'a pushed it to the top of my urgent list. Still having problems getting the nicer URL to work. Host's DNR didn't work … Continue reading Business website is up!