Grab My Books — Ebook from WebSite, Not Just WebPage

Not 100% what I was hoping for, but pretty good, especially for the price. There are several (too many) blogs that I want to read from the start. Currently, I have the index bookmarked on my PlayBook. When I want to read something, I open that bookmark, scan upwards until I see the next entry … Continue reading Grab My Books — Ebook from WebSite, Not Just WebPage


Python Programming — Nostalgia First

This series will review several Python programming books, but let me enjoy some nostalgia first. I'm self-taught, and my programs only have error checking if it's faster to do that than restart if I make a typo when using them. My husband, with 20 years in the business, laughs at my little programs and, after … Continue reading Python Programming — Nostalgia First warning

I just received an email claiming to be from , with an attachment. Yes, my anti-virus program found a nasty in the attachment. This is a reminder: It is very easy to put a "return address" sticker one email. I've done it myself. I use it to send "thank you for your comment" messages … Continue reading warning

Recursive Backups and the Reluctant Writer

Hello, my name is Cricket, and I'm a packrat. I also can't work in the middle of a mess. The next chapter of my novel (no, don't ask, it's a long story) is due at the end of the month. (Or a week later if I'm willing to pay for rush shipping.) This novel has … Continue reading Recursive Backups and the Reluctant Writer