Just a Status Update

Well, we now have five baby snails in the bowl, and we saw at least one sub-millimeter, possibly snail-shaped thing crawling on the glass. Daughter checks the main tank twice daily (when she should be heading out for school and when she should be going to bed. Not before breakfast, when she has plenty of … Continue reading Just a Status Update


It’s Been a While

I've had this urge to start blogging again, and today seems like a good day. Life's been as busy as usual. Way too many projects and goals, with too few deadlines. I now have an occasional job as backup secretary at the church. Me? Working for a church? We started going because my daughter wanted … Continue reading It’s Been a While

The Weeks After Holidays

Last week was not, I hope, typical of my new year. After two weeks of holidays, which included receipt of World of Kefflings and several books, expecting to keep even with housework was a bit unrealistic. Great time with the family, including Dad's family reunion. Great Grandma Jesse had good genes. This week started well. … Continue reading The Weeks After Holidays

More Engineering Thinking

Several months ago I realized that I use a set of 12 folders named with the months of the year in several places on my computer. Pictures, drafts, podcasts, todo lists, all sorts of stuff. So I created an empty set and stuffed it into a folder called "template folders". That's engineering thinking. See something … Continue reading More Engineering Thinking

Shared Labour

My husband did the income tax this year. Rather, he reviewed, sorted, summarized and assembled the folder for the accountant who does the final paperwork. Normally I do it, but this year I decided he needed to remember how. When we were first married, we would sit at our respective computers and make spreadsheets, then … Continue reading Shared Labour

An Idea: Place to Share Small Accomplishments

Ever have a day when a checkmark, even a really big one, just isn't enough reward for accomplishing something? What you really want to do is share it with others who understand. There are days I could easily overwhelm my Twitter contacts with hourly (or quarterly) updates, but try to restrain myself to things that … Continue reading An Idea: Place to Share Small Accomplishments