Eating an Elephant, Review

Elephant Eating 101: One bite at a time. Elephant Eating Remedial: Ignore the salad. Elephant Eating 102: Ignore the other elephants.


I Want My Rights — the Upside to Publishers Owning Digital Rights

Today's podcast for cleaning the kitchen was talking about Kindles and iPads and how they don't necessarily compete. Kindle wants to sell books. Apple wants to sell hardware. They each offer a bit of the other, to get things going, but overall it's better for both if they help each other (and us). Authors these … Continue reading I Want My Rights — the Upside to Publishers Owning Digital Rights

Podcast Idea: Annual Archive Feed

I've discovered more podcasts that I enjoy enough that I want to listen to the early episodes. Some are ongoing courses, other are just interesting. Sometimes, usually with podcasters who "rolled their own" and didn't do it quite right, it's easy. The feed has every episode they ever created. (Fortunately, iTunes's default is to list … Continue reading Podcast Idea: Annual Archive Feed

Eating an Elephant — Remedial

How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Remedial answer: Ignore the salad. Another time management expert says to "Eat the frog for breakfast," meaning do the thing you least like first. The advanced method is to find the biggest, ugliest frog and eat that one. Eating frogs doesn't work for … Continue reading Eating an Elephant — Remedial

Organizing Inherited Knitting Archives and Thinking of the Future

An elderly knitting friend who is cleaning her basement recently gave me several inches of paper. I’ll give it a good home, and we expect my daughter will do so after me. Most of it is going into the library or my filing cabinet, but a huge amount of carefully-collected, valuable information is being recycled. … Continue reading Organizing Inherited Knitting Archives and Thinking of the Future

Shared Labour

My husband did the income tax this year. Rather, he reviewed, sorted, summarized and assembled the folder for the accountant who does the final paperwork. Normally I do it, but this year I decided he needed to remember how. When we were first married, we would sit at our respective computers and make spreadsheets, then … Continue reading Shared Labour

Shopcraft as Soulcraft

My thoughts after a quick read of Shopcraft as Soulcraft, the online version. Three decades ago, Canadians were told we were going to stop basing our economy on natural resources, and become knowledge-based. What happened? We destroyed our old-growth forests anyways. We also built houses over half our good farmland, so we need to import … Continue reading Shopcraft as Soulcraft

My bit for the Future — Shop Class as Soulcraft

More educators and parents, and economists and politicians, and constituents, need to read this article: In a nutshell, after a quick scan: Skilled trades are valuable to the doer and to the economy. They exercise your brain in ways most schoolwork doesn't. This leads to better brains all around. They give you a feeling … Continue reading My bit for the Future — Shop Class as Soulcraft

A Proper Electronics Kit for Kids

My parents have this thing about science. They're suckers for kits that promise to teach kids about science. Not that my parents can't do just fine on their own. Dad's a professional engineer -- a classic engineer, rather than what I learned. He fixed the car until the winters got too cold. He does load … Continue reading A Proper Electronics Kit for Kids