Unbalanced Ideas

I've been participating in a discussion, started by David Seah's attempts to come up with a form to help balance his life. Lots of suggestions about what parts might need balancing, and how to plan and record it. At first, I was all gung-ho, and thought about what parts in my life aren't balanced. Most … Continue reading Unbalanced Ideas


Lent Recap

Jane said that Lent doesn't have to be about giving something up; it's about discipline and submission to God. FlyLady suggested that for Lent we give up whining, procrastination, stinking thinking, and all those other bad things that prevent us from Flying. Normally, I wait for the third shoe to drop before hearing a message. … Continue reading Lent Recap

And I Never Completed Anything,…

Last spring, the kids brought home the last of a year's worth of school work. I added it to the overflowing box for the year, confident that I'd actually go through it later. It's been hiding unsuccessfully on the far side of the dining room table ever since. Some books that didn't fit back on … Continue reading And I Never Completed Anything,…

Repetitive Tasks — How to Plan and Record

Every now and then, when I'm procrastinating, I search for GTD (short for David Allen's Getting Things Done). Yes, I've read the book, and I use many of his suggestions.David is quite clear about which tools you should use: Whatever works for you, but don't spend all your time playing with the them. Get things … Continue reading Repetitive Tasks — How to Plan and Record