Twelve Days of Christmas

Yes, it took three months for the scrap of paper to surface again. Not too bad, really, considering the age of some of the papers in the big box. For posterity: 12 dire rats 11 litches leaping 10 iron golems 9 necromancers 8 hydras hiding 7 giant scorpions 6 eyes a'floating 5 golden dragons 4 … Continue reading Twelve Days of Christmas


To Hang Two Pictures

Sit patiently while Mom goes through her routine. Every time we visit, she has a dozen or so treasures she wants me to see. It's a long, slow, steady process of purging her stuff. This time two pictures Dad brought back from Korea and which lived on my childhood bedroom walls were in the pile. … Continue reading To Hang Two Pictures

Eating an Elephant — Remedial

How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Remedial answer: Ignore the salad. Another time management expert says to "Eat the frog for breakfast," meaning do the thing you least like first. The advanced method is to find the biggest, ugliest frog and eat that one. Eating frogs doesn't work for … Continue reading Eating an Elephant — Remedial