My New Dress

Next weekend is a dinner/dance in honour of the 50th anniversary of my husband’s high school’s construction. He had some great friends there. They got together every few weeks for D&D, for years after they graduated. The tradition survived the addition of spouses, but it didn’t survive people moving to different towns and the addition of kids. (Although…Son enjoys D&D, so maybe someday…)

We go to maybe 4 dress-up affairs each decade — two summer (one afternoon, one evening), and two winter (same timing).

No, I do not look good in black. The Little Black Dress makes me look washed-out.

Last Friday was the consignment shop and the expensive boutiques downtown. Today was the mall. So much for supporting downtown!

(Anyone reading this already knows to click the picture to embiggen, and to ignore the box containing two years worth of kids’ school memories.)

$45 for the burgundy version of the $165 LBD I almost bought downtown. Change the blue scarf from my closet to dusty rose, or maybe burgundy flowers and leaves.

Happy (and nervous — I get four chances a decade to dress up and don’t want to waste it).

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