New Time Management Tool — Milestone Chart with Long-Term Planning

A milestone chart has been the core of my planning for over a year now. The old one focused on the one-week through several-month time frame. The new one encourages you to plan even longer projects. Each row has a time frame, and each project (or group of projects) has a column. Each cell then … Continue reading New Time Management Tool — Milestone Chart with Long-Term Planning


More Samples of my (lack of) planning

More images to support a conversation elsewhere. Two are pictures, two are files. One is a busy week, needing more structure (well, it felt busy), one is a light week needing less. daily chart weekly chart

Music while Working — Study results

Another group I'm in was discussing music while working, and this study came up. I don't like to study to music anymore, but as a teen I used it to set the mood and keep me focused. My mind would wander as far as the music, then return, rather than all the way down the … Continue reading Music while Working — Study results

Declutter Challenge 2011

The challenge is to deal with at least one piece of clutter most days this year. Clutter is something that doesn't belong in your home, and you're not quite sure why you still have it. Or you are sure, and the answer doesn't reflect well on your housekeeping. Either way, the thought of sharing the … Continue reading Declutter Challenge 2011

Three Task System, Live Demo

Mark Forster, from, author of Do It Tomorrow (which the store tells me is in the mail), is doing a live demo today of the Three Task System. In my words, the system is as follows: Use whichever list generation and sorting system you like, until the rubber hits the road. Mark is using … Continue reading Three Task System, Live Demo

A Tale of Two Techniques

Like most people, I have many projects on the go. Even the projects subdivide into many sub-projects which can be done simultaneously. Many of the projects can wait. For the last few months I've tried pecking away at the top ten or twenty. The plan was, once my urgent and pro-active tasks are done each … Continue reading A Tale of Two Techniques

Eating an Elephant — Remedial

How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Remedial answer: Ignore the salad. Another time management expert says to "Eat the frog for breakfast," meaning do the thing you least like first. The advanced method is to find the biggest, ugliest frog and eat that one. Eating frogs doesn't work for … Continue reading Eating an Elephant — Remedial