Lee Valley Water-Powered Weeder — Good, Not Gimmick

Good. Absolutely good, and when compared to all the money and time I've spent with other devices, at $50 it's still good price.


Someone Doesn’t Want Me to Vote

This morning I received an automated phone call saying that my polling station had been moved. They lied!!! The polls at West End Rec Centre are still there. They have not been moved. Elections Canada isn't stupid. Most voters go from work to the polls. They wouldn't get the message. The polls would be filled … Continue reading Someone Doesn’t Want Me to Vote

Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition, 1st Impressions

We took the plunge earlier this month. We bought Daddy the 4e Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Vault. After our first play session, I like the system but think the early learning curve is steeper than other editions. A list of acronyms is at the end. Family History Husband has played every edition so far, … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition, 1st Impressions

The Babysitting Course

Today I dropped my son off at The Babysitting Course. The Canadian Red Cross runs a good course. They cover everything a young babysitter needs to know. Many local kids who aren't the babysitting type take it, since much of it is about what to do when there are no adults, whether you have kids … Continue reading The Babysitting Course

My Kingdom (Sanity?) for a Stop Watch

More features is not necessarily better. Sometimes simple is best. Last month the storytellers' stopwatch died. I volunteered to get a new one, for tonight's performance. Easy, right? I bought one the next day. Cheap. Oops. But in the end it made little difference. That was Tempo brand. The buttons had very little movement to … Continue reading My Kingdom (Sanity?) for a Stop Watch

Game: Cranium: Family Edition

Daughter (8) opened a box last week -- the game Cranium: Family Edition. I bought it months ago during a "we should play games as a family" phase. You know, the type of good idea that becomes unpopular just as you think it's working well enough to invest more money? She and Son (11) played … Continue reading Game: Cranium: Family Edition

A Proper Electronics Kit for Kids

My parents have this thing about science. They're suckers for kits that promise to teach kids about science. Not that my parents can't do just fine on their own. Dad's a professional engineer -- a classic engineer, rather than what I learned. He fixed the car until the winters got too cold. He does load … Continue reading A Proper Electronics Kit for Kids

MagNif Ultra Sort Coin sorter — to be returned

It says it sorts 400 coins/minute, but the instructions say to only put in 50 at a time. We put in only 50 at a time, and it jammed 5x in 5 minutes. The sorting disk is plastic, so it will probably get nicked, increasing the liklihood of jamming. It then said we had 50 … Continue reading MagNif Ultra Sort Coin sorter — to be returned

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Not that the powers that be (or, more importantly, will do the sequel) will actually see this, but,... The entire family loved Viva Pinata. Yes, it's fun for kids, but beneath it is a fairly sophisticated resource management game. I got sucked in for a week or so. Son has at least three dragonaches. Husband, … Continue reading Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise