Old Meets New

One of the pleasures of being the young, energetic new member of the storytelling guild is being the advertised contact. I was called this morning by a storyteller in Toronto who collects storytelling books. A book given by one of the founding members of our small local guild to the local library had joined his … Continue reading Old Meets New


Recording for Learning, Tips for Storytellers

I'm using my podcast addition to help me study for storytelling. I arrange the play list so after every 30 minutes of listening (very approximate -- I let Stuart McLean have his entire hour) I hear the story I'm studying. I tried it a few times before, with recording I had made myself. It worked … Continue reading Recording for Learning, Tips for Storytellers

Storytelling Research

I don't normally turn on the internet before school, but today I had a burning question: Is it appropriate to tell a story which assumes the knowledge of guardian angels to a multi-cultural class? For school kids, I try to be careful. I don't want to devalue their beliefs, or compete with their family's teachings, … Continue reading Storytelling Research

Thanks for the Interruption

Last week we opened the local (G-Guild) storytelling season with a guest teller: Adwoa Badoe. Need I say more? Need I say she was inspiring? Need I say she's gracious and intelligent and graceful and wonderful? She is, you know. She has a very active style of storytelling, and it involves the audience. As she … Continue reading Thanks for the Interruption