Podcast Idea: Annual Archive Feed

I've discovered more podcasts that I enjoy enough that I want to listen to the early episodes. Some are ongoing courses, other are just interesting. Sometimes, usually with podcasters who "rolled their own" and didn't do it quite right, it's easy. The feed has every episode they ever created. (Fortunately, iTunes's default is to list … Continue reading Podcast Idea: Annual Archive Feed


More Engineering Thinking

Several months ago I realized that I use a set of 12 folders named with the months of the year in several places on my computer. Pictures, drafts, podcasts, todo lists, all sorts of stuff. So I created an empty set and stuffed it into a folder called "template folders". That's engineering thinking. See something … Continue reading More Engineering Thinking

Baden Guild of Storytellers

A friend's site is way too low on Google. Events from last year are still rating higher than her very active group. This is my contribution. http://thestorybarn.ca/ is run by Mary-Eileen McClear, and located just west of Kitchener-Waterloo. She is an awesome storyteller. She also leads (as much as we can be led) the Baden … Continue reading Baden Guild of Storytellers

To Split mp3 Files for my player

Not necessarily of much use to anyone else, but here it is for posterity. Problem: It is difficult to rewind a short time in my (admittedly cheap) mp3 player. [1] I need to do this often, since I walk along busy roads, and have kids. [1] A note on cheap: It was a gift. It … Continue reading To Split mp3 Files for my player

They Don’t Want Groups

First MSN decides to close their group service, and recommends a site using the new, user-centric model. User is central, has own website, and messages are sent between him and groups of friends. Groups added as after though. (They may have done a good job of it by now, but the growing pains were rough.) … Continue reading They Don’t Want Groups

Palm, part something

Spent half the day online researching. The Palm site sells 3 models that aren't also phones. The download section says they use desktop 4.1.4e. The download page for that doesn't list Vista. Finally looked at Rogers for cheapest smartphone and cheapest plan. $2400 over three years, including phone, not including taxes. Compare to three years … Continue reading Palm, part something