Lucky 7 Game

Dear Jane, My WIP is on hold. It lacks ongoing conflict. My protagonist's actions don't affect the big picture. It's your fault I know about these faults. You made me read many good writing blogs. (Yes, your fault. I see your half of a conversation on Twitter and want to see the rest.) I also … Continue reading Lucky 7 Game


Conversations with my Muse, Part ???

Once again, I'll save my Twitter contacts the joy of a post every time I come up for air, and the post will self-publish around midnight tonight. (Yes, I like WordPress's scheduling feature. Now, if only it would Tweet to my account when the post goes out,...) Going back two scenes, just because ... and … Continue reading Conversations with my Muse, Part ???

Conversations with my Muse, Part II

Today's tough scene is their "first time". The challenge is keeping it balanced, knowing what to do before they close the door. @JaneLebak Last night's problem line is now toast. Found a better approach. He stepped back, uncomfortable. I don't want her to feel pressured ... ROTFL (at Jane's Twitter comment about zombies) ... he … Continue reading Conversations with my Muse, Part II

Conversations with my Muse

I'm one of those people who need to come up for air frequently while writing. Usually I need to shift my view or rethink a sentence. Sometimes I need to ask a question, and often the process of deciding the right question gives me the answer. Today, rather than fill my Twitter feed, I decided … Continue reading Conversations with my Muse

Recursive Backups and the Reluctant Writer

Hello, my name is Cricket, and I'm a packrat. I also can't work in the middle of a mess. The next chapter of my novel (no, don't ask, it's a long story) is due at the end of the month. (Or a week later if I'm willing to pay for rush shipping.) This novel has … Continue reading Recursive Backups and the Reluctant Writer

Vows and Proposals

When I thought Onebit might propose, I told him the most romantic proposal I'd ever heard was "The sun rises in your eyes." It's from Guy Gavriel Kay's (spelling?) Fionavar Tapestry series. A year later, he used those very words for real. A comment elsewhere made me think of that old interest, proposals and wedding … Continue reading Vows and Proposals