Cooking Tip — French Onion Soup

My brother jokes that he could always tell when I was cooking French onion soup. The fire alarm would go off, and I'd run a batch of former-croutons to the field across the road. That was back when I cooked for four people who liked it (or didn't admit to not liking it). For those … Continue reading Cooking Tip — French Onion Soup


Recipe: Trail Mix Cake.

Courtesy of my daughter. (Any resemblance to a working recipe is entirely co-incidental.) You will need: 2 granola bars 10 gold fish 10 dried cranberries 10 chocolate chips 2 crackers 10 Cheerios 1 container flour baking powder salt sugar vanilla essence milk water eggs bowl whipping cream sweet chocolate To make the trail mix: 1. … Continue reading Recipe: Trail Mix Cake.